Add Elegance to Your Wiring Devices with the Perception Range from Hamilton-Litestat

Shopping for switches and sockets is not an easy job if you are not sure whether you want them in flat plate, stepped plate, raised plate, or in transparent plastic.

At this moment in time, we are working really hard with specialists and consultants on how we can help the visitor / customer at to find exactly what he’s looking for when searching for certain wiring devices.

On this line of thought, we have recently added an excellent and elegant range of switches and sockets from Hamilton-Litestat – the Perception range.

Hamilton-Litestat Perception Switches and Sockets

Hamilton-Litestat Perception switches and sockets: twin dolly switch in satin brass on a clear plastic plate. Code: Perception CFX PC-S22-SB-HBR

Hamilton is a well known UK brand for fashionable, elegant, and flexible switches and sockets. Believe it or now, Hamilton now has 45 years of being in business, and it is still a family-owned company under the overall direction of its founder Rod Hamilton and his son Ian Hamilton.

One of their latest evolution of products has taken place with the Perception range of transparent plates (clear plastic plates) with concealed fixing and metal or plastic switches or inserts. The Perception CFX range consists of concealed fixing accessories on subtle clear plastic plates, with snap-on clear front plates.

They are cleverly designed to insert in your own wallpaper or, alternatively, the supplied template can be painted for blending discreetly into the interior decor. The range contains most of the commonly used wiring accessories like:

  • Concealed fixing 2 way rocker switches (1-4 gang)
  • Toggle Switches on Transparent Plates (1-4 Gang)
  • Key Switches on Transparent Plates
  • Hotel Card Switch with LED on Transparent Plates
  • Concealed Fixing Power Sockets on Transparent Plates (1-2 Gang)
  • Television Coaxial Sockets on Transparent Plates
  • Concealed Fixing Telephone and Data Outlets on Transparent Plates
  • Digital Television Sockets – Screened Non Isolated – DAB Compatible on Transparent Plates
  • Double Pole Switches on Transparent Plates
  • Concealed Fixing Connection Units on Transparent Plates
  • Leading Edge Push On/Off Resistive Dimmers on Transparent Plates
  • Concealed Fixing Leading Edge Push On/Off Inductive Dimmers on Transparent Plates
  • Trailing Edge Push On/Off Dimmers on Transparent Plates
  • Trailing Edge Touch Master Multi-Way Dimmers on Transparent Plates
  • Touch Slave Controllers on Transparent Plates
  • GRID-FIX Transparent Plates complete with Fixing Grid

Elegant Switches and Sockets for Your Home or Office

Hamilton-Litestat Perception switches and sockets: single switch 13A with black insert on a clear plastic plate. Code: Perception CFX PCR21BK-BL

We understand that sometimes it’s not easy to decide what finish should the plate of the switch be, or whether it should be transparent so that the design of the wallpaper or the wall painting would be seen….and so we have created a very simple way to order these elegant and excellent clear plate switches and sockets!

We posted on our website only a selection of the most popular devices from Hamilton in the Perception CFX range, and you have plenty of pictures from where you choose your design and finish!

You will definitely love this section, and we guarantee that you won’t get lost there! It is as simple as picking the type of device (switch, socket, etc) and then there’s a dropdown list to select the finish and the insert.

We warmly recommend these crystal clear plates with completely concealed fixings, which come with a wide range of finishes for their rocker switch, dolly switch, dimmer, etc. Take a look for yourself: these devices are elegant and stylish for both home and office use!

Hamilton-Litestat Perception switches and sockets: single switched 13A socket with white insert on a clear plastic plate. Code: Perception CFX PC-SS1-SB-WH

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