Introducing DigiView 4 Pro N – Networkable 4 channel day/night CCTV system with integral 160GB HDD

The best price for the best performance of such a CCTV system, with 4 cameras and 160GB HDD included – the DigiView 4 Pro N – the networkable version of the Digiview Pro4. Now available via SparksDirect at one of the lowest prices in the market!

Digiview 4 Pro N (similar to the integral digital recording CCTV system introduced previously)offers a comprehensive digital CCTV solution for home or business use. The cameras, suitable for exterior or interior use without any additional housing, offer clear colour images during the day and crisp infra red illuminated mono images at night. Also included in the system is a high capacity digital video recorder which allows simple control, recording and viewing of images whilst also providing power for the cameras. To complete the system a cable is included for direct connection to a standard television or an optional dedicated CCTV TFT monitor.

Read more below about the features, the Recording options / display options, the DVR Specifications and the Camera Specifications, and the Recording Duration. Buy online the DigiView 4 Pro N via SparksDirect.

4 cameras CCTV system – DigiView 4 Pro N – Features

  • 4 channel Day/Night CCTV system with integral 160GB hard drive.
  • Includes a remote control.
  • Day/night cameras with LED illumination.
  • Picture in picture viewing.
  • Improved search and review facility.
  • Simple backup to USB memory stick.
  • Complete with Seagate SV35 hard drive.
  • USB output for easy PC linkage with new enhanced software.
  • Integral power for 12VdC cameras up to 2000ma (500ma/channel).
  • Built in ‘on-screen’ motion detection no PIR require.
  • Up to 7 months continuous recording.
  • This is a networkable version – the Digiview 4 PRON – with enhanced remote viewing software.
  • Compatible with XP and Vista.
  • Slow motion facility in forward and reverse.
  • Individual channel set up.
  • Monitor: Not included, has to be ordered separately.
  • More details and features – including the updated price – online.

Recording Options – The Cameras – The Display Options

  • Recording options: Schedule, Alarm, Motion, Continuous.
  • The cameras: record colour during daylight, and black&white at night.
  • Display options: PIP (picture in picture); Auto Sequence; Quad Screen; Single Screen.

Digiview 4 ProN offers the user many recording options in order to optimise the 160Gb of record space available, there is even built in motion detection which looks for movement on screen, without need for additional equipment, to trigger a record session.

CCTV Camera System – the DigiView 4 Pro N – DVR Specifications

  • Product code: DIGIVIEW 4 PRON;
  • Description: 4 channel stand alone DVR;
  • Hard drive: Removeable 160GB Seagate SV35;
  • Max HDD supported: 750GB in single bay;
  • Video input format: PAL/NTSC;
  • Video input: 4 channel composite;
  • Video output: 4 channel composite;
  • Power output: 500ma 12VDC each channel;
  • Motion detection: Area selectable – Sensitivity adjustable;
  • Alarm input: 4 selectable no/nc;
  • Alarm outputs: 1 selectable;
  • Alarm buzzer: Yes;
  • Display frame rate: 100 frames per second;
  • Record frame rate: Max 25 frames per second adjustable;
  • Record quality: Adjustable – Super, High, Normal, Standard;
  • Recording modes: Continuous, motion, manual, scheduled;
  • Display resolution: 720 x 576dpi;
  • Recording resolution: 704 x 576dpi;
  • Compression format: Selectable MJPEG or MPEG4;
  • Search facility: Time/Date or Event;
  • Recorded image back up: USB flash stick or direct to PC/Laptop.

The DigiView 4 Pro N – Networkable CCTV Camera System – Camera Specification

  • Description: 1/4”Colour Day & Night Infrared Camera;
  • Pick up Element: SHARP 1/4” CCD Image Sensor;
  • Number of Pixels: NTSC 510(H) x 492(V), PAL 500(H) x 582(V);
  • Back Light Compensation: ON;
  • Auto Electronics Shutter: ON;
  • AGC: ON;
  • Sync Mode: Internal Sync;
  • Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace;
  • Auto White Balance: ON;
  • Resolution: 420 TV Lines;
  • S/N Ratio: > 48 dB;
  • Gamma: 0.45;
  • Minimum illumination: 0.92 Lux. F /2.0 (0 Lux with IR);
  • Horizontal Sync Frequency: <PAL> 28.3 KHz;
  • Video Output: 1.0Vp.p. 75ohm;
  • Power Source: DC 12V (Supplied from DVR);
  • Water Resistance: IP66;
  • IR LED: 10PCS;
  • Night Viewable Range: 5-8 meters;
  • Power Consumption: 350mA max;
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to + 60ºC;
  • Lens: 4mm lens;
  • Shutter Control: <PAL> 1/50-1/110,000 sec;
  • Dimension: 52 (D) x 75 (H) mm;
  • Net Weight: 0.6kg.

The DigiView 4 Pro N – 4 CCTV Camera System, Networkable – The Recording Duration

The Recording Duration – in MJPEG Compression

The Recording Duration – in MJPEG4 Compression (Dual Codec Mode only)

Buy online the DigiView 4 Pro Nthe Networkable version of the 4 CCTV Camera System by ESP – visit the Fire and Securitythe CCTV section for more details.


  1. I am trying ot route the images through my domestic distribution system so I can see them on all TV’s in the house. When I plug the output from the system into the DDU unit in the attic it disrupts the terrestrial signals to all TVs and I can’t get the CCTV inage on any of the TVs.
    Do I need a modulator or something similar?

    1. Not sure how a modulator works, and also: we just SELL these items, we don’t do “service” or maintenance on them. What we recommend is that you call the manufacturer and ask them these questions. They would know more about this, and they can give you professional advice.

    1. Yes, this CCTV system can be installed through a PC, and it is also a standalone unit, with a large capacity HDD. How? There is a user manual(we don’t get into too many technical details on installation, etc) that comes with the system.

  2. I have this system distributed through the house using the DDU box – Yes you need a modulator – very simple to set up just plug the output from the digi-view box into the video input in a triax modulator. Works perfectly.

    I want to install a PTZ camera. This system can support it. I want a very good resolution – better than the cameras that come with the unit and in a dome – can anyone suggest a suitable unit?

  3. I installed one dgiview 4i i typed wrong password acc is locked now traying to resit as explained, turn off main power for 5min and then on again ,
    I did but still cant log in . Please any help?

    1. Hello there, please call ESP – the manufacturer – as soon as you can, asking them to help you with this situation. Their technical team should be able to help you.

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