Interior downlight, shallow-depth classic, the Project 95 range from Illuma, PAR16 and MR16

These nice small downlights from Illuma, the Project 95 range, are a series of classic, shallow-depth downlights. Ideal for both highlighting and general lighting in retail, commercial and general interior applications. Particularly, they are suitable where the ceiling void is shallow. Flexible recessed lights – the direction of the light can be modified as needed. Also, this series can take PAR16 mains voltage lamps, or MR16 low voltage lamps – according to your preference or need.

The Illuma Project 95 is a very comprehensive range: Open, gimbal, eyeball, pinhole, wallwash, baffle (two sizes), and white, silver cone versions; open version also available with Disc Glass. On our website you will find the D225XWH(white, gimball, MR16) – but the rest can be requested on order.

Illuma Project 95 – Classic Flexible Downlights, Recessed Lights – Features

  • The Quality: Highly-tooled, diecast centres. Adjustment of the lamp angle is possible on most fittings; eyeball and wallwash versions can also be rotated through 355. High temperature ceramic lampholder and PTFE-coated leads. Guaranteed for five years.
  • Installation: Wiring connector box in accordance with BS EN 60598 enables compliance with IEE Wiring Regulations.
  • Lamp features:
    – High-intensity light output.
    – Bright, white light.
    – Precise beam control.
    – Wide selection of wattages and beam angles.
    – Energy saving and longer lamp life compared with standard incandescent lamps.
  • Technical Data
    – Cut out diameter: 80mm
    – IP Rating: IP20
    – Weight: 0.19kg
    – Input Voltage: 12V
  • Dimming: Suitable for dimming if used with dimmable transformer and inductive dimmer
  • Materials:
    – Bezel Rim: Alloy
    – Upstand: Zinc-Plated, Pressed Steel
    – Connector Box: Polycarbonate
    – Lampholder: Ceramic
    – Wiring: PTFE coated
    – Fixing springs: Zinc-plated, tempered-spring, Steel
    – Finish: Powder-coated, except polished brass/chrome, polished and electroplated
  • Gimbal ±30º pivot.
  • Leaf-spring fixing for quick and easy installation.
  • Simple spring-loaded lamp change.
  • Lamp used:
    PAR16 Mains – the D1025(gimbal) / D1051(pinhole) / D1020(black baffle) series
    MR16 12V – the D225X(gimbal) / D251X(pinhole) / D120X(black baffle) series
  • Finishes: WH (White); SG (Silver Grey); BL (Black); CH (Chrome); BN (Brushed Nickel);
  • Lamp Holder: PAR16 – GU10; MR16 – GX5.3 / GU5.3;
  • Lamp life: 3000h.
  • Wiring: Connector box in accordance with BS EN 60598.
  • Buy lamps from this range – Illuma Project 95 downlights – online via SparksDirect.

Buy online this range of Ceiling Downlights – Illuma Project 95 series – Flexible Downlights. More about the Illuma lights – Illuma LumaSeal range.

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