Infinite Prime INFP-KITS, The Complete Wirefree Security Alarm Solution, wireless intruder alarm

At the Fire and Security solutions section, besides the Hard Wired Intruder Alarms, we have another category – The Wireless Intruder Alarms! Here you can find a very impressive collection of not-hard-wired-but-wireless intruder alarm solutions, starting with a recommended kit, and continuing with motion detectors, smoke and CO detectors, external sirens, glass breaking detectors, animal immune motion detectors, magnetic switches, etc.

ESP Infinite Prime offers the professional installer a comprehensive and reliable intruder alarm solution that can be fitted with ease and minimum disruption to the customers property. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of infinite prime to be trouble free and more importantly: wire free! While the primary role of infinite prime is that of a highly secure intruder alarm, its full capabilities can offer the end user many functions that at least combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day. Infinite Prime is easily expandable by a series of plug-in modules that allow the end user to enjoy the full benefits of the system.

The Complete Kit for Home – Wireless Intruder Alarm System INFP-KITS

The Infinite prime Main Control Panel

Infinite Prime INF-PIR Wireless PIR, Wireless Motion Detector

The INF-PIR is a wireless PIR sensor designed for use with the infinite alarm system. The detector implements a feature to combat the problem of multiple transmissions, which drastically reduce the life of the batteries. After a transmission is made, the INF-PIR initiates a four-minute delay during which transmissions will not be sent.

Infinite Prime INF-MAG Wireless Magnetic Door Contacts, Magnetic Switch

Infinite Prime INF-MFB Wireless Multifunction Keyfob

The INF-MFB is a keyfob transmitter designed for use with the infinite alarm system. More Features:

Infinite Prime INF-WES Wireless External Siren

The INF-WES is a wireless siren designed for use with the infinite wireless control panel (firmware versions 2.14 and above). In the event of an alarm the control panel activates the siren and strobe. The siren is sounded until the end of the siren cutoff programmed at the control panel. After the siren cutoff has expired, the strobe continues to flash until the system is disarmed.

All the wireless Intruder Alarms and Systems can be found under Fire and Security, where you will find more devices like these – both auxiliary and part of the kit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. Wireless intruder alarms act as a great visual deterrent to intruders, which further minimises the danger and lowers the risk to you and your family.

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