Illuminated Mirrors and Waterproof Light Fittings: Top 5 Vanity Lights

Astro Lighting Tallin 900 Bathroom Mirror Light

As far as bathroom lighting goes, Decoist suggests anything but downlights to illuminate the space in front of the mirror – that is to say, you.

Any bathroom needs a proper mirror lighting to satisfy the demanding lady of the house and not only. It is a common made mistake to light the
mirror from above, through a strip light. Downlights usually make a person look weary and tired, especially if there is no other light on to counter this effect.

Now, we don’t necessarily agree with Decoist’s advice to “always choose two side lamps for mirror contemplation,” but we can get behind the general idea. In fact, we’re already there. Here are five of our favourite bathroom mirror lights from the Sparks Direct store!

Tallin Over-Mirror Wall Lights

Tallin 300 Bathroom Wall Light

The Tallin lights from Astro Lighting are actually a range, from the small 300mm long version to the whopping 1200mm high-output lamp pictured above, so if you browse the new “related images” tab you will find one for your needs. But they’re chrome and boxy, which we like, and they project a great soft quality of light.

Ixtra Shaver Light

Astro Ixtra Shaver Socket Mirror Light

Mirror lights are most commonly associated with vanity lighting, but there’s no reason these fittings can’t be functional as well. The Ixtra light bar has an integrated socket for electric razors, so you can see what you’re doing first thing in the morning.

Adjustable Illuminated Shaving Mirror

Adjustable Illuminated Shaving Mirror

Okay, so you liked that last item but there’s not enough space in the bathroom for a light above the mirror? What about this 19cm-diameter shaving mirror with both regular mirror and magnifying sides, plus a light around the rim? Better yet, that arm is totally adjustable! It’s a new spin on a classic bathroom item, and we like it.

Atlantic Adjustable Twin Spotlights

Searchlight 9060CH Atlantic  Twin Bathroom Wall Spotlights

If there are two people sharing a (reasonably large) mirror, these Atlantic adjustable twin spotlights will ensure both of you can see yourselves equally well, even when you’re doing totally different things like brushing your teeth and/or shaving and/or applying make-up (hopefully not at the same time).

Cabaret 4-Globe Wall Light

Astro Cabaret 4-Globe Vanity Bathroom Mirror Light

We can’t write a post about our favourite bathroom lights without mentioning the Cabaret strip: on the face of it, this is just 4 globes arranged on a chrome bar, but it’s a classic “Hollywood”-style fitting.

These lights, and many more besides, are on offer in the Sparks Direct online store – why not browse the bathroom lighting section to find something that suits your style?

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