How do you install the MK Marsterseal Plus outdoor Sockets?

Even though it’s nice outside and there’s no sight of rainy weather (as if you can trust the weather in the UK), the outdoor wiring devices still need to be IP rated and protected against rain and bad weather. The MK Masterseal Plus devices come fully IP66 rated, ideal for any kind of weather or rough environment.

Let’s say you need to mow the lawn or you want to wash the car – you need an outdoor wiring device supplying you with electricity! Don’t bring an extension cord outside – use the purposely designed and manufactured sockets for outdoors – IP rated – to give you the power you need!
How do you Install an Outdoor Socket?

We were recently reading the article,  How to… install an MK Masterseal Plus socket (via the Professional Electrician) and we were thinking to introduce these simple steps of installing an outdoor socket. It’s one thing to purchase the socket and theoretically know how to do it, and it’s another thing to listen to some professional advice on how to install it…

How to... install an MK Masterseal Plus socket

  1. What tools do you need? Nothing more than what everyone has for their home use or in the back of their van / car, standard tools. Full instructions come with the socket.
  2. Remove the pre-drilled punch outs, if you want the supply to be from below.
  3. Put the back box against the wall and mark up where you need to drill. You can then attach the back-box to the wall.
  4. Bring the coduit inside the box and secure it, feed in the supply cable.
  5. Make sure the cable and the conduit is securely fitted against the wall.
  6. Make the connections: the terminal screws are backed out and labelled, so just connect them (face them upwards for easy access).
  7. Once the terminal screws are connected to the cable, you can safely screw the front of the socket to the rear and… the job is done!

It’s not nuclear physics nor is it complicated scientific formula based instructions – everything is pretty much self-explanatory. Still, make sure everything is done CAREFULLY, not being negligent with things which relate to electricity.

Read the original article at the Professional Electrician magazine website, and order the MK Masterseal Plus wiring devices via SparksDirect.

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