High Pressure Automatic Hand Dryer, the AHDHPSS 1800W robust Stainless Steel hand dryer

High Pressure Automatic Hand Dryer, the AHDHPSS 1800W robust Stainless Steel hand dryerThe AHDHPSS High Pressure Hand Dryer is an high performance automatic dryer for restaurants, offices, hotels, conference centres, high traffic bathrooms and toilets, etc. Just imagine this: This hand dryer uses a high speed motor to force air out of the outlet vent at around twice the speed of a normal hand dryer! An excellent solution for large homes(with many people living in that home), offices, conference centers, and even in an industrial environment. This 1800W Automatic High Pressure Hand Dryer AHDHPSS will operate for a maximum of 1 minute continuously – after this time, the dryer will stop but can be re-started by moving hands away and back under the outlet vent to re-trigger the detector. As to the installing and the places it can be fitted, the AHDHPSS 1800W robust Stainless Steel hand dryer is suitable for installation on surfaces with normal flammability e.g. wood, plasterboard, masonry. It is not suitable for use on highly flammable surfaces (e.g. polystyrene, textiles).

The AHDHPSS High Pressure Automatic Hand Dryer – Main Features

  • Energy Saving: The extra air velocity means that less heat is required to dry hands effectively and so this hand dryer uses less energy than a standard type;
  • Safe device: The hand dryer is protected against over heating, prolonged operation and over-current;
  • Automatic Dryer: The dryer starts automatically when hands are moved within 20cm of the outlet vent and will stop after the hands have been removed;
  • Suitable for indoor use only;
  • Do not cover the hand dryer;
  • This product must be connected to Earth;
  • 1800 Watt rated with internal switch to isolate element allowing forced air only option;
  • Compact air outlet provides high pressure airflow;
  • Automatic non touch activation with adjustable sensitivity setting;
  • Robust Stainless steel casing: solid and resistant;
  • Pre-wired with 1 metre mains flexible cable;
  • Dimensions: 300mm width, 320m depth, 150mm height;
  • Bathroom hand dryer: high pressure automatic dryer;
  • Similar but with higher specs than the HD900W White Bathroom Hand Dryer;
  • More technical specs, installation instructions, and wiring diagrams(pdf file);
  • Buy online the AHDHPSS High Pressure Automatic Hand Dryer via SparksDirect.

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