Heritage Brass Victorian Elite range of switches, sockets and dimmers

Besides the Contractor range, Heritage Brass also presents the Victorian Elite range of switches, sockets and dimmers. The traditionally styled Victorian Elite is a most attractive range of plain raised plate wiring accessories designed to complement the popular Elite Flat Plate ranges. Featuring a wide choice of elegant finishes comprising Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel, the Heritage Brass Victorian Elite is designed to meet the requirements of both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

The Heritage Brass Victorian Elite range is suitable for shallow box installation. Of particular benefit to the installer the raised plate design of Victorian Elite enables plate switches to be used with 17mm plaster depth boxes, power sockets and other accessories with boxes 25mm deep.
The Victorian Elite range of switches, sockets, dimmers, switchsockets, etc. offers a wide product profile complying fully with the relevant standards.

Being competitively priced, the range of the Victorian Elite is available with White insert or Black insert(trim) and feature Elite style matching metal rockers for added luxury.

Heritage Brass Victorian Elite – finishes

Heritage Brass, the Victorian Elite range – Polished Brass

Heritage Brass, the Victorian Elite range – Satin Nickel

Heritage Brass, the Victorian Elite range – Satin Chrome

Heritage Brass, the Victorian Elite range – Polished Chrome

Heritage Brass Models for each finish(each with white / black plastic insert)

  • 6A Rocker Switches
  • 13A Switched Sockets
  • 13A Fused Spur Units (Connection Units)
  • 1 Way Rotary Dimmer Switches
  • 2 Way Push On/Off Dimmer Switches
  • Low Voltage Dimmer Switches
  • Blanking Plates
  • Double Pole Switches and Cooker Unit
  • Triple Pole Fan Isolating Switch
  • Round Pin Sockets Unswitched and American Sockets
  • Shaver Socket Dual Output
  • TV/Coaxial Sockets
  • Satellite Speaker / Sockets
  • Telephone and Data Sockets
  • A more detailed list of the Heritage Brass models/options.

The Metal Rocker / the Trim options

  • PBBK –  Polished Brass Rocker Black Trim;
  • PBW –  Polished Brass Rocker White Trim;
  • PCBK –  Polished Chrome Rocker Black Trim;
  • PCW – Polished Chrome Rocker White Trim;
  • SCBK – Satin Chrome Rocker Black Trim;
  • SCW – Satin Chrome Rocker White Trim;
  • SNBK – Satin Nickel Rocker Black Trim;
  • SNW – Satin Nickel Rocker White Trim.

All the Heritage Brass switches and sockets are conforming to relevant British wiring Standards. To find out more details about the metal plate ranges manufactured by Heritage Brass, visit the Switches and Sockets, the Metal Plate, Raised plate or Flat Plate, the Heritage Brass Contractor.

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