Heritage Brass Paintable Sockets: a new range of Primed White Metal Wiring Devices!

Heritage Brass Paintable Sockets: a new range of Primed Metal Wiring Devices!This just in: Heritage Brass has a new range of wiring devices, a new finish – the primed metal finish! Just as the ones at Forbes and Lomax have the Painted Socket, the people at Heritage Brass are now making the “primed” switches, sockets, dimmers, spurs, etc – paintable wiring devices! And they all come in both the screwed and non-screwed / screwless range! If you want to paint over the switches / sockets / dimmers / spurs in your house / office, so that the color of the wall / supporting element, the Heritage Brass Primed White Metal range is what you need! Not only sockets, but even more: cooker switches, data sockets, blanking plates, triple fan isolators, etc.

The new Primed White Heritage Brass range

  • Wiring devices made by Heritage Brass in a Primed Metal range;
  • Suitable for painting: paintable wiring devices;
  • Operating Voltage: 250v, 50Hz;
  • Front Plate: Flat Plate;
  • Finish: Prime White, paintable device;
  • Electrical Inserts: White Inserts;
  • Inserts type: Wandsworth inserts(high quality);
  • Suitable for painting: paintable device;
  • Plate Dimensions:
    # for the Single devices: 86 x 86 mm;
    # for the Double devices: 86 x 147 mm;
  • Conforming to relevant British wiring Standards;
  • Box depth: 35mm;
  • Wiring devices in this category – Heritage Brass Prime White devices:
    # 20A rocker grid switches; 20A dolly switches; architrave switches;
    # 2 way dimmer switches; low voltage dimmer switches;
    # 13A switched sockets; 2A / 5A sockets, shaver sockets;
    # triple fan isolator switches; blanking plate;
    # telephone sockets, data sockets;
    # TV/Satellite/Speaker sockets;
    # 13A fused connection units(spurs).

Soon, via SparksDirect.co.uk, at the Switches and Sockets – Metal Plate – Flat Metal Plate Wiring Devices, there will be a new category with the above range! Keep an eye on the Switches and Sockets section.

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