Get Your Heating System at Home Sorted Out Before Winter Comes!

Everyone loves summer, and we wish that there would be a nice weather all year round, but unfortunately in the Great Britain we have something that looks like more than one season. More precisely, this morning it began to be chilly and even quite cold, reminding us that winter is right at the door! We barely had a taste of summer, and winter is just around the corner!

Get Your Heating System Sorted Out!

Before it is too late, before winter is upon us, we need to make sure our home is warm! There are many little things one has to do to make sure that the central heating system is working – check the boiler, the pipes, run some tests, let it work for a little, and fix what needs to be fixed! It’s a nightmare when it’s freezing cold outside and the central heating doesn’t work!

Help With Heating: the Panel Heaters

Get Your Heating System at Home Sorted Out Before Winter Comes!

A great addition to the central heating system at home or in the office are the panel convector heaters. Especially the ultra slim PLX range from Dimplex, these devices are compact, for wall mounting, and are the popular choice for both specifiers, home owners, and the contractors who are demanding stylish, space saving, and energy efficient electric heating systems!

You can install the Dimplex PLX range to complement the popular XL style storage heaters or by themselves, but they are are a good help to heat areas such as the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, or other areas in the house that needs heating for a short period of time. They heat up quickly and offer quick heating wherever you need it.

What’s so special about the Dimplex PLX?

You don’t know? Well, here are some of the more special and cool features of the Dimplex PLX panel heaters, as introduced by themselves via their technical specs,

  • Rapid warm-up: convected heat for quick warming up.
  • Suitable both for domestic and commercial use.
  • You can add a timer for scheduling the heating periods.
  • Splash proof: all models are IPX4 rated, can be used in bathrooms and other wet areas.
  • Adjustable thermostat: the controller is highly accurate, responding to small changes in room temperature.
  • Efficient heat circulation via the front air outlet grille.
  • Fast installation and fast cleaning: the hinge for wall mounting frame is detachable.

Take a look for yourself at the Dimplex PLX range (also introduced before here), especially the PLX100TI Dimplex 1000W PLX in willow white and with 24h timer.

[Note: picture is informative, the model displayed is NOT the PLX100TI; visit the link provided above to see and purchase this particular model.]

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