Frequently Asked Questions – Aico Mains Powered Smoke, Heat and RF Alarms

Aico provides a series of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Mains Powered Smoke, Heat and RF alarms and the RadioLINK technology, which can be helpful in deciding which fire/smoke/heat alarm to be used, how to install, and other practical aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Aico Mains Powered Smoke, Heat, and RF Alarms

  1. What are the fire alarm requirements for New – Build properties?
  2. What is a Grade D system?
  3. What do LD2 and LD3 mean?
  4. What are the requirements for existing properties?
  5. What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
  6. If I install an LD2 level of cover can this remove my responsibilities to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?
  7. What do I need to do to address the requirements of ‘special needs’ people or groups?
  8. What types of sensor are available?
  9. How do Aico Ei Ionisation and Optical Smoke Alarms work?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both sensor types ?
  11. How do Aico Ei Heat Alarms work?
  12. Which Alarm should I use where?
  13. Where should alarms be sited?
  14. How many do I need?
  15. Where shouldn’t the Aico Smoke Alarms be sited?
  16. Will they always work?
  17. What cable do I need for the Aico Mains connections and where should the supply be taken from?
  18. What cable do I need for the interconnect line?
  19. How do I mount the Aico Alarms on the ceiling?
  20. Can I fit the Aico Smoke or Heat Alarm on the wall?
  21. How many Aico Smoke and Heat Alarms can I link together?
  22. Can I use a relay to signal other devices?
  23. Can I use the relay to connect to a 24 Volt Fire Alarm System?
  24. How often should they be tested?
  25. Should they be tested with smoke/heat?
  26. What maintenance schedule is recommended?
  27. How long will the battery last?
  28. How will I know if the battery has failed?
  29. How long do Aico Smoke Alarms last?
  30. How do I stop nuisance alarms?
  31. What is the radiation risk from Aico Ionisation Smoke Alarms?
  32. How do I dispose of redundant Aico Ei alarms that contain a NiCad battery?
  33. Are the Aico Ei alarms with rechargeable Lithium Cells compatible with previous models?
  34. Why choose Aico Ei Professional Smoke Alarms?

We will continue to deal with these questions one by one, trying to find out more details concerning these questions. This FAQ can also be found online here, here and on the sparksdirect blog. To help you in your choice of the domestic fire alarms, we also recommend the Domestic alarm selector, choosing what alarms to fit and where, based on BS 5839-6:2004.


  1. How much do these alarms cost in US dollars and are they available for sale in the US? i’m doing reasearch on smoke alarms for special populations. Thank you.

    1. Well, the price of these alarms can be calculated in USD by applying the exchange rate. Concerning them being sold in the USA, I don’t know; what I know is that we are not shipping to the States, and these fire alarms are made in UK.

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