Four Wall Light Fittings You Truly Want to Have in Your Office

Many of us are bored with the same light fittings at the office, and we wish there would be a way to change them. Keep dreaming…something like this can’t be done that easily. But how about we dream about some really nice light fittings that would be on the wall in our office?

4 Wall Lights You Truly Want in Your Office

These are not four exclusive wall lights and they are not necessarily meant to be installed together, but they may be just the quirky fitting that would brighten your day. You do not want to be under the shining of the same fluorescent batten fittings on the ceiling or dull wall fittings that you start to hate and ignore… Here’s what we recommend to you today:

Artemide Surf Halogen Wall Uplighter

Artemide Surf Halogen Wall Uplighter

Stylish and slightly curved wall light ideal for offering upwards lighting, Artemide Surf wall light is ideal for a modern office or meeting venue. It is made of painted cast aluminium and has an embossed scratch-proof opaque finish (white).

Parma 200 Wall Uplight – Paintable!

Parma 200 Wall Uplight - Paintable!

If you don’t know what color your wall uplight should be, the Astro Lighting Parma 200 offers you the opportunity to paint it the color you need it! It comes in white, it’s made of plaster, and it can be painted!

Mesmeri Halo Curved Chrome Wall Light

Mesmeri Halo Curved Chrome Wall Light

Are you ready to try something more out of the ordinary with your office wall lighting? The Eric Sole designed Mesmeri Halo wall light is manufactured by Artemide and has a curved diffuser, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards.

Black Vanila Wall Spotlight

Black Vanila Wall Spotlight

If you like more classy spotlights on the wall and you need specific lighting in a certain area, the Nordlux Vanila black wall spot is something you should consider. The price is right, the finish is black, the switch is on the cord, and it looks so great!

In the end, the choice is yours. We can only recommend. You will need to pick one or more of the above. We would say they look great in the office on the wall – and we would even go further to be as bold as saying, You Want These Lights!

Why not recommend them to your boss or to the person who can change some things around in the office? You may be pleasantly surprised to see that they love these wall fittings also!

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