Forbes and Lomax switches and sockets: the painted socket range

We can “split” the range of switches, sockets, and dimmers manufactured by Forbes and Lomax into the plastic plate(the invisible plate and the painted socket) and the flat metal plate (the stainless steel plate, the antique bronze plate, the unlacquered brass, and the nickel silver plate). The Forbes&Lomax Painted Socket Range has been created to complement the Invisible Lightswitch. The Painted Sockets are supplied with etch-primed face plates ready to be painted in the same colour as the wall, making them as unobtrusive as possible.

A choice of black or white inserts is available and 13A sockets and switches fused connections can be supplied with metal switches if desired. Available in the following formats: Sockets. Read more about the features and dimensions and the existing models of the painted socket from Forbes & Lomax.

Features and dimensions of the Forbes&Lomax painted socket range

  • Single plate: 86 x 86 mm;
  • Double plate: 86 x 146 mm;
  • Depth of plate: 1.8mm;
  • The 13A painted sockets conform to BS1363; the 2A and 5A sockets conform to BS546;
  • All the Forbes and Lomax painted sockets require British Standard 35mm deep flush wall boxes;
  • All the Forbes and Lomax painted sockets must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

The Painted socket range from Forbes and Lomax – available models

Forbes and Lomax painted socketspainted double 2A socket with white insert and Unswitched single socket with black insert.

Forbes & Lomax painted socketspainted double 13A socket with white insert and painted double German Schuko socket with white insert.

To purchase the painted socket range from Forbes and Lomax, please choose the right model from our list, and order it online via sparksdirect. For assistance in choosing the best Forbes & Lomax painted socket for your need(read the article introducing all the ranges from Forbes and Lomax), do not hesitate to contact us or even pay us a visit at our showroom Sparks & Lights.

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