Follow Friday #ff on twitter and Friday Follow on google+ – Social Media to the max!

Follow Friday #ff on twitter and Friday Follow on google+ - Social Media to the max!The Social Networks are advancing, evolving, developing, and going on in 2012! Twitter and Facebook are two of the most used such social networks – and you can find us via @sparksdirect and at Sparks Direct Electrical. Recently though google+ took off – not just google+ profiles and google+ pages, but lots of sharing, circles, recommendations, pictures, etc.

We have previously mentioned that there’s this social phenomenon on twitter called #FollowFriday / #FF / #ff where people recommend their followers who they think is worthy of following. Unlike facebook – which is becoming an intrinsically personal and private network, closed in privacy and settings, where only I see many things and I don’t even allow others to tag me – twitter is for going out there and meeting + following + interacting with new people!

Google+ on the other hand takes some features from both networks, and with Google + my world search push you can now see what people in your circles have shared concerning the search terms you put into the engine! Very interesting – try typing Sparks Electrical in the google search… – many times it shows our Google+ account and our Google+ business page there at the top of the list! You can choose how you share stuff – public, with particular circles, etc.

Google+ Friday Follow – Some Recommendations

This is our first time doing this with Google+ – today we discovered that some people started recommending others on google+ with the “bold” Friday Follow 🙂 We circled some interesting people, we shared some circles before on our google+ feed, and here we are with some recommendations on google+ Friday Follow for today, 27 January 2012

Remember to follow our updates on Google+ – Sparks Electrical – and follow the updates of our Google+ Business PageSparks Electrical Wholesalers Ltd.

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