fire alarms – system solution devices, RadioLINK

The system solution devices from Aico are a cost effective, powerful and highly flexible system. Aico’s truly comprehensive and innovative product range offers specifiers the ability to build a cost effective, powerful and highly flexible larger system where additional control and warning devices are required. With a choice of either RadioLINK wireless interconnect (see applications) or traditional hardwired technology, and unique Remote Control functionality, it’s possible to custom design and build the optimum system.

There are many options open to the specifier and installer. In properties where a simple system is required, this can be achieved using either RadioLINK RF or hardwired technology. Where there is a need for a more comprehensive system, just choose the particular control and/or signalling devices that you need and install the system that meets your requirements.

Below you can see a list of the 3 possible components of an Aico System – Hard wired devices(switches, call points, relay bases), Ancillary system devices(beacons, sounders, door holders), and RadioLINK system devices(bases, manual call points, remote control switch, repeater, etc).

Hard-Wired System Devices

MCP401RC Manual Call Point

Ei1529RC Remote Control Switch

Ei159 Alarm Locator Switch

Ei128R Relay Base

Ei128RBU Relay Base

Ei128COV Cover

Ancillary System Devices

SAB300 Xenon Beacon/Strobe

  • For switching via an Ei428/128R/128RBU relay
  • Flash energy of 3 Watts and flash frequency of 0.9Hz
  • For internal or external use (IP65)
  • Clear(C) or Red(R) lens options

SABV4 High Intensity Xenon Beacon/Strobe

  • For switching via an Ei428/128R/128RBU relay
  • 5 Joule high intensity flash
  • For internal or external use (IP65)
  • Opal(O) or Red(R) lens options

Ei167RC Remote Sounder

MDH230 Magnetic Door Holder

  • For switching via an Ei428/Ei128R/ Ei128RBU relay
  • Supplied with metal door plate
  • Magnet de-activates when relay switches and releases door plate

RadioLINK System Devices

Ei168RC Base

Ei407 Manual Call Point

Ei408 Switched Input Module

  • Triggers RadioLINK devices from a set of Volt-free closing contacts (e.g. sprinkler flow switch)
  • Designed to be remotely sited
  • Powered by built-in 10 year lithium cells

Ei411H Remote Control Switch

Ei420 Repeater & CO Alarm Interface

  • Repeats RadioLINK signals to strengthen signal paths
  • Allows Ei260RC Series Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms to be linked into a RadioLINK system
  • Mains powered with 10 year+ rechargeable lithium cell back-up

Ei428 Remote Relay Module

  • Contains set of relay contacts that are switched on receipt of a RadioLINK signal
  • Volt-free relay contacts, rated at 240V 5A
  • Mains powered with 10 year+ rechargeable lithium cell back-up
  • Pulse or Constant switching option

To purchase Aico fire alarms, sounders, remote control switches, manual call points, bases, repeaters, CO alarms, remote sounders, relay bases, or covers – visit the Domestic Fire Alarms section under the Fire Alarms, Fire and security. Also, to help you in your choice of the domestic fire alarms, we also recommend the Domestic alarm selector, choosing what alarms to fit and where, based on BS 5839-6:2004.


  1. Hi looking for a smoke detector/alarm wireless which can be connected to a auto dialer which would ring me if a fire had started
    in the same way as a burglar alarm workes, is there such a item on the market if so where could i get approx 10
    regards neil

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