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Especially now, with the unexpected coming of the summer heat, there is a great need for air conditioning and movement solutions. Air movement and oscillation are important to every building – and via SparksDirect you have a way to meet a variety of heating and ventilation needs. Our air movement products promise increased comfort and hygiene in the office or at home.

End users can expect quick and easy installation and neat designs that slot into the smallest spaces. We offer also portable solutions that offer convenience and flexibility. The finishes of the ventilators and fans range from classic white to decorative chrome to match other fixtures and fittings. The full range extends across the air conditioners, dehumidifiers, extractor fans, desk or pedestal fans, hand dryers, desk or/and wall mounted fans.

Fans and portable air conditioning

We have an extensive range of desk, wall and pedestal fans in a number of different styles – from modern to retro chrome. Designed to keep you cool during the hot summer months, all the desk fans, pedestal fans and the wall mounting fans on our website offer both amazing value and performance.

Innovative options are also available – from oscillating or fixed air positions, timers and speed controls to space saving, compact product design. Air movement products also extend to a full range of air conditioning units and dehumidifiers.

Air 12"/300MM Oscillating Desk 3 Speed FanFans – Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive range
  • Traditional or modern style options available
  • Space saving, compact fans available
  • White, chrome or gun metal finish options
  • Remote control option on the chrome and gun metal pedestal fan
  • Fans are supplied fitted with an approved plug
  • Easy to follow instruction leaflet included
  • Conform to relevant safety standards, EMC and low voltage directives
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Buy online fans and other air cooling and oscillating solutions.

Air conditioning – Features

  • Units provide efficient cooling for conservatories, bedrooms etc with a capacity rating of 12000BTU.
  • Remote control available, for ease of operation
  • This air conditioning unit can also be used to dehumidify, circulate air and heat
  • Flexible ducting – this means that the unit can be used virtually anywhere around the home or office
  • Incorporates timer function Automatic sweep facility for comfort
  • Buy online the 12000BTU air conditioning unit.

Browse through our offer of Air conditioning solutions(portable air conditioner) and Fans(oscillating fans, standing or desk fans, wall mounting fans, etc) – at the Heat and Ventilation section.

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  1. it is indeed very important to know this – that ventilation is supply to and removal of air from a space to improve the indoor air quality. The idea is to capture, remove and dilute pollutants emitted in the space to reach a desired, acceptable air quality level.

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