Double insulated wall light, Grosvenor AX0511, bathroom wall lights

Grosvenor AX0511 is yet another one of those “high quality at an affordable price” IP rated lights. Part of the Best-Selling Wall Lights at, the Grosvenor Wall light is a modern design light fitting for wall mounting in a polished chrome finish and a white shade. It is suitable for zones 2 and 3 in the bathroom(IP44 rated). If you would like to add to the contemporary style of your bathroom, this wall light is the perfect solution. Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be fluorescent and scary – go for the nice soft light of the Grosvenor bathroom wall light(which won’t send you running in the opposite direction nor will leave you in the dark while you are in the bathroom). Look no further than the Grosvenor Wall Light if you are looking to buy high quality light fixtures for wall(purchasing the high quality light fittings saves you from changing them often). Read more about the features of this popular bathroom wall light and its dimensions.

Grosvenor AX0511 bathroom wall light – features

  • Double insulated wall light – does not need an earth connection.
  • Lamp used: 1 x 40W G9, halogen capsule lamp(mains voltage, included).
  • IP rating: IP44 rated(the lamp is protected against solid objects over 1mm, like tools, wires and small wires. Also, it is protected against sprays from all directions; limited ingress permitted).
  • Dimensions: width 150mm, height 225mm, projection/depth 280mm.
  • Components: polished chrome movable arm(the arm can be moved to the left/right); white parchment shade.
  • Dimmable: yes, can be used with a dimmer switch.
  • High standard and good quality construction – robust bathroom wall light.
  • Can be used in the bathroom and not only: it can be used anywhere in the house- nice design wall mounted light.
  • Unswitched wall light. Model: AX0511, 0511 Grosvenor wall light.
  • Luminaire with built-in ballast suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Dimensions – Grosvenor Bathroom Wall Light

To purchase online Grosvenor AX0511(modern wall light for bathrooms), visit the LightsBathroom LightsBathroom Wall Lamps section(also, read here more). More details/articles about lights – see the articles about Lights section.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, yes, this light fitting is available in the UK, all you need to do is to order it online by visiting the links provided on the website.

  1. Hi admin, do you know if the lamp shade comes in any other variety of colours? I’m looking for something just like this in a midday blue colour 🙂

  2. Thank you for your question, Diggers John – unfortunately, this fitting is available ONLY in the finish presented either here on the website or on the Astro Lighting website.

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