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Dimplex is a leader in the UK heating market, electric heating and water heating, and offers a wide range of heating solutions. Eventually, the future is the electric heating – not only is electric heating the fuel of the future, but it is also very versatile and offers levels of safety, cleanliness, reliability, and comfort, that are not matched by any other heating fuels. On our website, you can find a few series of heaters from Dimplex, like:

Ultra Slim Panel Convector Heaters – the Dimplex PLX series

Of these heaters, we would like to focus on the ultra slim convector heaters, the PLX range. The PLX range of convector heaters(Building regulations Part L compliant) is a popular choice for specifiers, home owners and contractors who demand stylish, space saving and efficient electric heating systems. Styled to complement the popular XL storage heaters, the PLX panel heaters are often used to heat areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas, which only require heating for short periods of the day. They are also a cost-effective way to extend an existing heating system when buildings are being refurbished or new rooms are being added.

Energy saving features:

  • High accuracy adjustable thermostat responds to very small changes in room temperature to reduce temperature drift;
  • Some models gave programmable 24h timers, and others have no built-in controls for use with remote controllers;

Other features of the Dimplex PLX series:

  • Full range available in willow white in order to match the XL storage heaters. The 24h timer models also available in pure white, in order to complement the DuoHeat radiators;
  • Convected heat for rapid warm-up;
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial use;
  • Choice of models with or without timers;
  • All models are splashproof – IPX4 rated – for use in bathrooms and other wet areas;
  • Frost protection setting;
  • Option of 7-day timer on 2kW and 3kW models;
  • Front air outlet grille for efficient heat circulation;
  • Lockable dust cover protects controls;
  • Detachable hinged wall mounting frame for fast installation and easy cleaning.

The thermostat

Conventional bi-metal thermostats can allow “drift” of as much as 5degree Celsius in room temperature owing to the effects of the changing heater output, resulting in discomfort for the user and energy wastage. Dimplex PLX panel heaters feature close tolerance gas-filled thermostats, maintaining room temperature to within +/- 1.5 degree Celsius, eliminating resultant under/over heating and improving user comfort and energy efficiency.


  1. Thermostat control – User selection of room temperature from 5 degree Celsius(frost protection) to 35 degree Celsius rotary knob.
  2. On/off switch – A single pole on/off switch controls the electricity supply to the heater. A neon indicator will illuminate when the switch is ON and power is being supplied to the elements.
  3. Built-in 24h/7 day programmers(with some models) – Incorporating accurate and reliable timers, the built-in 24h time clock on the PLX models enables daily heating needs to be programmed in advance. The clock may be set to switch on and off as often as required throughout the day.
    When heat is needed unexpectedly, an override switch enables the timer to be by-passed without altering the pre-set programme. TheĀ  selector control also has an OFF position.
  4. Heat selection switch – Each model incorporates a half heat selection switch, enabling the smalles model to be switched to just 250W, ideal for small rooms. The thermostat operates on full or half load.

In our online catalogue you can find at least two models of Dimplex PLX seriesPLX2000 and PLX3000 (these models of convector heaters are available only for pick-up in store). For any enquiries for more models(which can be available per request), do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Great post on information for Dimplex PLX heaters. I myself am a big fan of the PLX range. [edited text] Great information,[edited text] Dimplex PLX Range. Good luck!

  2. Could you post any information on how your heaters work and what does your heater contains?
    thanks very much!

  3. We are a trade shop – and on the blog we review the heaters from Dimplex that we sell, as much information as we can. You can always find more information from the manufacturer – see the Dimplex website. Especially the info about how they work and what they contain – you need to call them and ask them this specifically about a model number that you have in mind.

  4. Can anyone advise me as to how to stop my new Dimplex heater from ‘knocking’. I have had it since June but for obvious reasons not used it much until now and it has developed a ‘knocking’ noise simalar to central heating. I can’t see how or why you would need to ‘bleed’ it?

    1. Regarding specific advice for specific Dimplex heaters, we recommend you would contact Dimplex themselves at http://www.dimplex.co.uk. We are “wholesalers”… in any case, one of our specialists would rather advise that you would ask them first(please make sure you have the model number ready for them to advise).

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