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Lights are vital in a conference room, office, lounge, dining room, cafe, etc, but it is increasingly becoming obvious the fact that we don’t need only to simply “switch off” the lights, but, for special events or even just for the mood, we just want to dim the light a little. Applications:

  • In the home cinema, the movie cannot start until the lights dim.
  • In the lounges, entertaining guests, spend time with the family, or watch TV – for all these events, set up the proper lighting desired.
  • In the dining rooms – create the right lighting for intimate dining, family occasions, cocktail parties, etc.
  • In the conference rooms – instantly transform a room for a general meeting, set up, AV presentation, or even video conference.
  • In a cafe – create the perfect ambience for lunch meetings, cocktail hours, elegant dinners and clean-up.
  • In the executive offices – create dynamic work spaces, reduce the computer screen glare, and add infrared remote lights dimming.

Basically, with a simple touch of a button, you can create the mood you want, either in the residential applications(the dimming devices have preset scenes, like Entertain Scene, or Movie scene, etc, for the specific events) or the commercial applications(preset scenes: Special event scene, all-on scene, etc).

A zone is a light or a group of lights controlled by the same switch or dimmer. In the case of Grafik Eye, each zone in a space is set at the appropriate level for the activity and saved together as one scene, retrievable later at the touch of a button.

A Scene – is a programmed lighting environment designed specifically to enhance a particular activity. Set the scene – the secret to great lighting that brings in the proper mood and ambience is the ability to control it. Match your activity or mood to your visual environment, either by choosing the preset scenes or by creating your own and saving them. Set the lights as you need them and the setting is automatically saved as one of your custom scenes. Later, you can retrieve it at the touch of a button; you don’t need to adjust the individual switches again and again.

In the case of the Lutron Grafik 3000 series(the GRAFIK Eye or GRAFIK Integrale) control units, they have both a maximum power capacity limit per zone and a maximum power capacity limit per unit. Each zone cannot exceed the total Watts/VA specified. However, the maximum unit capacity can be allocated among each individual zone in the unit. You can link up to 8 control units for up to 32 zones of control(in the case of Grafik Integrale) and 48 zones of control(Grafik Eye). Per Control unit, there are 16 programmable scenes plus OFF, and per system: 128 scenes plus OFF(also, per system, there is a maximum of 16 accessory Walstations allowed).

  • Grafik 3000 series, Grafik Eye, more features:
    set up and recall – create lighting scenes for common activities at the touch of a button;
    smooth transitions – fade between lighting scenes – from instantly to one hour;
    integration – integrates easily with touchscreens and other AV equipment;
    RTISS technology included – compensates for incoming line voltage variations frequency shifts, harmonics, and line noise;
  • Grafik 3000 series, Grafik Integrale, the features above, plus:
    one control – just one model provides control of all modern light sources;
    reliability – control is able to withstand short between load hot and either neutral or earth without damage.

More specifically, in the case of Lutron GRX3102, GRX3103, GRX3104, GRX3106, you can have respectively 2/3/4/6 zones, each section having max. 800W, and the total is max. 2300W. Being a Lutron Grafik integrale, you can simply adjust the zone buttons in order to set lights to match any activity and the save it as a preset scene. Recall exact scenes from the same unit or matching accessory wallstation. These line of multi-scene preset lighting control systems are very easy to install – one unit controls Electronic Low Volt; Magnetic Low Voltage; Incandescent/Tungsten; 0-10V, DSI, and DALI Fluorescent loads; neon; and non-dim lighting loads. No interface is needed for any light source. Components and accessories available:

  • the cover – choose between a translucent or opaque cover;
  • Fade Time Buttons;
  • Master raise/lower buttons;
  • the scene select buttons; including ALL OFF;
  • the zone intensity buttons;
  • the built-in infrared receiver;
  • the metallic/metal finish – choose the desired colour;
  • Accessory style – stylish accessory controls to enhance the beauty of any space and to control lighting from more than one location;
  • wireless remote control – add flexibility; the device includes built-in infrared receiver for use with optional wireless remote control(to select scenes from anywhere in a room);
  • power boosters – increase the power; increase individual zone capacities in larger spaces with Lutron Power Boosters.

For more details about the models available, prices and availability, visit the Lutron Dimming systems section (or Grafik Eye and Grafik Integra sections).


  1. I have a question on the Leutron Grafik Eye. On lighting circuits, why does the Grafik Eye require a neutral to be cabled?

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