Dimmable 7W GU10 LED lamp – energy saving warm white / cool white GU10 dimmable LED lamps!

The ultimate in Energy Saving, the 7W dimmable LED lamps successfully replace the standard GU10 lamps – with a low heat output! Why use the regular GU10 35W / 50W light bulbs with a high energy consumption, when you can use these 7W equivalent LED lamps with such a low energy consumption? The GU10LD7 range is an innovative LED light bulbs range – energy saving LED lamps in GU10!

Even more: these GU10LD7 range of LED lamps are dimmable! The dimming capacity is 10% to 100% with smooth dimming(it is recommended to be used with good quality branded dimmers only). If you need a fire rated fixture, you can fit the GU10LD7 dimmable LED lamps in.

Energy Saving Dimmable 7W LED Lamps – Features

  • 7w intensity LED equivalent to light output of 50w halogen bulb;
  • Wattage: 7W;
  • Lamp cap: Gu10 lamp;
  • Finish:
    – Warm White dimmable 7W LED Lamp – GU10LD7W;
    – Cool White dimmable 7W LED Lamp – GU10LD7C;
  • Lamp life: 40K hours;
  • Mains Voltage lamp;
  • Lumens: 300 lumens;
  • Lamp type: LED lamp;
  • Dimmable: yes, this lamp can be dimmed;
  • Flood: 38 degrees;
  • Lux: 500/1m; 42 lm/w;
  • Dimensions: 78mm tall; 50mm diameter;
  • Operating temperature: -20 – +40 degrees;
  • Colour rendering: +80;
  • Dimming capacity: 10% to 100% smooth dimming;
    Note: If dimmed, it is recommended that you use the GU10LD7 lamps with good quality branded dimmers only.
  • Energy saving: up to 75% energy saving;
  • Suitable for fire rated light fixtures.
    Note: The 7w Intensity LED is equivalent to light output of 50w halogen bulb.

This 7W dimmable LED lamp is a direct replacement for the standard GU10 lamps with low heat output. Running cost of 7w Intensity LED against 35w and 50w Halogen lamps 100 lamps on for 24hrs a day @ 9.12p/kwh. This particular energy saving range, the GU10LD7 dimmable 7W LED lamps, come in either Cool White or Warm White – when you order it online, you have to choose the desired finish.

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