Decorate your living room with the best light fittings, elegant lights for living room

On our website we have so many light fittings; it is not easy to choose the light fittings on any website / store since you don’t know exactly how to categorize them. You can put them into lights for ceiling, wall, bathroom, floor, table, undershelf, etc, but you can also classify them as light for the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the office, outdoors, etc. How do you cross-match these ones, or how do you present a proper view of what people need?

One step in doing this, we think, is making some suggestions when it comes to the rooms in the house for which you need the light fittings. The first list of suggested lights is – the best light fittings for an elegant design in your living room! Below are just some fittings – a wall light, a ceiling light, a table lamp, and a floor light – that you can get on our website and match them together to give a modern look to your living room. This is not exclusive, it is just a suggestion.

Decorate your living room – the best light fittings!

An elegant pendant light, the Chipsy 90033 Hanging PendantAn elegant pendant light, the Chipsy 90033 Hanging Pendant

In the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling, you can install the Chipsy Pendant Light with mother of pearls and in a chrome finish.

This pendant uses 1 x 60W E27 light bulb, has a regular switching, and comes with these beautiful hanging “chips” – the mother of pearl chips – which make a soothing and calming noise as the breeze or the air draft passes through…

Matching Wall Lamp: the Chipsy 90034 wall light with pearl chipsMatching Wall Lamp: the Chipsy 90034 wall light with pearl chips

To match the elegant pendant, why don’t you use the Chipsy 90034 wall mounted lamp with mother of pearl “chips”. Very similar in style, this fitting has a chrome finish and the lovely “chips” – overflowing mother of pearl chips with crystal-like tear drops…

High quality wall light, ideal for offering a calming and soothing light in the immediate surroundings…

A stylish table lamp, the FZ431 Flos Kelvin LED desk light fittingA stylish table lamp, the FZ431 Flos Kelvin LED desk light fitting

On the table in the living room or by the sofa you need a table lamp with a fully adjustable arm – how about the FZ431 Flos Kelvin Table Light? You can turn it on by simply tapping its head, it is an energy saving table light fitting, with an adjustable + extendable arm, having a rotating head to direct the light to where you need it, and its design – innovative, futuristic, and almost “out of this world”!

Complete with a Large Floor Light, the 1013CC Ark Floor LampComplete with a Large Floor Light, the 1013CC Ark Floor Lamp

Still on SALE at Sparks and Lights, the large Ark Floor Lamp looks excellent in the living room, arching over the arm of the lounge sofa or over the desk, bringing the light beam to where you need it. Coming with the stylish black diffuser which helps offer a warm light in the area right beneath it, the 1013CC Large Ark Floor Light is ideal both for large living rooms and for not so large areas.

We think these would be a great choice and an excellent combination of light fittings for your living room. What do YOU think? Leave us your comments / opinions / suggestions below.

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