Danlers is Helping You Select the Appropriate PIR Occupancy Switch

Winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for Innovation in 2010, Danlers Ltd is a family owned UK company which designs and manufactures electronic energy saving lighting controls for the past 20 years or so.

Their R&D team are continually working on developing next generation products in the lighting control industry, facing the well-known challenge of the influx of newer technologies of LED lights and other digital technologies. Tony Kay (the executive chairman) says,

DANLERS commitment to reliability, simplicity and our UK manufacturing heritage is at the heart of why customers like our products.

Helping You Select the Right PIR Switch

If you browse our website or any online store with PIR switches, you tend to either be confused or not be clear about which switch you need.

We apologize for the inconvenience of not yet having a precise page where we can present the below information, but for now we would like to at least post on our blog some ideas and information that may help you choose the right PIR occupancy switch.

It is very important to consult with your electrician, first of all, and secondly to know what you’re buying. Here are some categories or criteria of choosing a PIR occupancy switch:

Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches with 360 degrees Detection Zone

Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches with 360 degrees Detection Zone

As per the diagram above, Danlers has a wide range of ceiling mounted PIR occupancy switches which have a 360 degrees detection zone. They can be either flush mounted (in false ceilings or plasterboard ceilings), or surface mounted (having a small projection from the ceiling). Also, they can be hard wired or plug & socket.

Ceiling Mounted PIR Switches with 120 degrees detection angle or low range directional narrow beamCeiling Mounted PIR Switches with 120 degrees detection angle or low range directional narrow beam

Besides the PIR occupancy detector switches with a full 360 degree detection zone you can have the surface mounted plug an
d socket CEDR + CESO (120 degrees directional detection angle) or the CEDR 6PLR + CESO (with a long range directional narrow beam).

Wall Mounted PIR Switches with 120 Degrees Detection AngleWall Mounted PIR Switches with 120 Degrees Detection Angle

If you need a wall mounted PIR switch with a plaster depth wall box (16mm), there’s the WACE PIR and WAPIR needing or not needing neutral wire respectively. They both have a 120 degrees detection angle.

Where Do People Use PIR Switches?

The PIR switches are becoming very common both at home and in the office, since they have a time lag switch incorporated which automatically turns ON or OFF the lights when activated, dealing once and for all with the problem of “I forgot the lights ON!”

This means you can use PIR switches and time lag switches in places like the living room, the bedroom, in offices, factories, schools, workshops, factories, hotels, canteens, staff rooms, corridors, stairwells, changing rooms, students accommodation, toilet blocks, military accommodation, etc.

And you can buy them at some of the most affordable prices via, Time Lag Switches, and, Occupancy Detector Switches, on our website.

Note: the pictures are screenshots of the official Danlers Selecting the appropriate PIR occupancy switch page found here.

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