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The Sentry range of Consumer Units from MK Electric has been stylishly designed to blend in with the environment they are being placed in. The curved lines and slim-line appearance mean it won’t look out of place when installed in hallways, lounges or kitchens of new properties. The range expanded includes a 21-module unit for larger installations and also a 4-module unit to cater for small one-off installations and extensions to existing ones.

Features and benefits

  • Attractive design
    Curved lines, low profile appearance and magnolia colour let the unit blend with its environment. Available in 4 to 21 module sizes
  • Flush mounting versions
    Flush mounting available for even neater installations
  • Protective lid
    Opaque and downward opening lid conceals protective devices and unsightly labelling
  • Floating busbar system
    Gives maximum installation flexibility
  • Broad selection of pre-assembled split load units available
    Suits a variety of applications and saves installation time
  • Stacking options
    For larger installations dual rail 24, 32 and 42 module units possible in both insulated and metal

General features:

  • Units can be stacked for larger installations.
  • Compact size – But wiring space increased where required most
  • Magnolia colour – Helps keep the unit unobtrusive
  • Low profile and curved design – Blends unobtrusively into the environment
  • Optional locking mechanism
  • Discreet moulded in logo; no visible fixing screws.
  • Flush mountable options – for an even neater installation
  • Opaque and downward opening lid – hides unsightly labels and devices

Sentry from MK – consumer units

  • Backed out and captive Combi-head screws – allows speedy installation.
  • Colour coded earth and neutral terminal located at top of unit for ease of wiring
  • Ample 360 degrees knock outs for cable routing – open cable entry at rear plus optional rear knock outs
  • Easily removable din-rail – improves first fix
  • Raised din-rail – for improved cable routing
  • Offset incomer – provides additional wiring space making mains input connections easier
  • Floating busbar system – for maximum installation flexibility including acceptance of control modules
  • Ample wiring space
  • Fixing holes – allow tripod fixing to cope with uneven surfaces. Hole locations allow access for cordless drills and power drivers.

Available models and their respective categories:

  • Metal surface consumer units5504 (accepts 4); 5512s(accepts 12); 5516s(accepts 16); 5520s(accepts 21);
  • Insulated surface consumer units5609(accepts 8); 5612(accepts 12); 5616(accepts 14);
  • Metal flush;

Visit our Electrical Items category, Consumer Units, Domestic Consumer Units, MK Consumer units, to see more models and details about our offer of Sentry consumer units from MK.

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