Breaking News: Sparks Electrical on BBC News via, EU bans production of 60 watt bulbs!

If you follow us on twitter this would be “old news” to you(see the picture we took of the camera crew yesterday in our showroom). Yes, Sparks Electrical was visited by BBC News and one of our consultants, Nick Cohen, was interviewed on the topic,

What happens now since the European Union Bans the Production of the 60W Light Bulbs?

Breaking News: Sparks Electrical on BBC News via, EU bans production of 60 watt bulbs!

A short clip with part of the interview was placed on the BBC website via, EU bans production of 60 watt bulbs. Nicola Pearson concludes,

The days of the traditional electric light bulb are drawing to an end.
Under EU regulation the production of 60 watt bulbs will cease, in an effort to encourage the use of more energy efficient lighting.

It is true – the European Union continues its phase-out of incandescent light bulbs – the next in line being the 60 Watt light bulb. The 60W bulbs are still in stock / available for sale for the moment, but soon the stock will run out and they will no longer be manufactured. People will need to look at other solutions – many of which are not cost-effective(since the energy saving bulbs are a bit more expensive) BUT they definitely are more energy saving!

European Union Phase-Out 60W Incandescent Bulbs

With the phase out of the 60W light bulb starting from the first of September 2011 – that is, starting from today – both the electricians and the lighting wholesalers need to educate the homeowners on the benefits of switching to a more energy efficient lighting! Yes, the new solutions – like the LED light bulbs, the Compact Fluorescent Lights, and the Halogen Lights – are considerably more expensive, but they will stop the waste of energy in your home!

The most effective way to stop wasting the energy and reduce the carbon footprint is to use energy saving light bulbs at home, at the office, and anywhere you need lights! Start saving money on your electricity bill – pay less for your energy bills – by using Energy Efficient / Energy Saving light bulbs!

Watch the entire clip on the BBC website at EU bans production of 60 watt bulbs, and read more about the European Union’s plan of the Phase-out Of Incandescent Bulbs.

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