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BG Electrical RCD Protected Devices

A new range of RCD protected devices from BG Electrical – new!!! They are safety built in!

RCD protected 2g Switched Sockets and Fused Connection Units now available in the Nexus and Metal Clad ranges

  • Latching type RCD (Passive)
    – Will not trip if power is cut, no need to reset
  • 40mS Trip Speed
  • 30mA trip current
  • Suitable for use in domestic, commercial and light industrial applications

2 Gang Switched Sockets

  • Outboard rockers
  • Angled, inline colour coded terminals with captive screws
The Nexus Socket

The new BG RCD’s continuously monitors the power supply to an electrical appliance and cuts off the power within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected. This is fast enough to prevent a fatal electrical shock.

Electrical appliances can become dangerous if the wiring becomes loose, if they or their power cords become damaged or if they get wet. Electrocution is also possible if fingers, wet hair or other conductive bodies enter the appliance.

In all these cases the RCD sockets will instantly cut off the electricity.

Fused Connection Units

  • Latching Type
  • Flex Outet, with removable insert
    o Nexus – Bottom Edge
    o Metal Clad – Front Face
  • Angled, inline colour coded terminals with captive screws

Latching Control Circuit

Incorporates a ‘Stay-set’ mechanism and is mainsis failure proof, ie it will function under all the normal conditions expected of an RCD and will not trip in the event of a power cut. This makes it suitable for use with freezers or in wet inaccessible or unmanned locations.

Why fit a RCD Wiring Device?

Using electricity in the home and at work is what we do all the time – but what are the risks?

  • Every year in the UK the Fire Brigade is called to over 10,000 incidents attributable to electrical faults.
  • Half of these incidents are in the home and result in some 500 serious injuries and approximately twenty fatalities.
  • There are close to ten fatalities every year due directly to electric shocks as well as a large number of serious injuries.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are electrical devices which when incorporated into an electrical installation, will provide the highest degree of protection against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults.

For more information about the RCDs, please consult this page. To purchase online the RCD protected switches and socket introduced above, visit the Electrical Items, Consumer Units, Other MCBs category, or the Metal Clad category.

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