Be Smart, Sensible and save yourself some money in 2011 – save money and electricity!

Money and debt always seem to be words that are not too far from the national news. They impact everyone in some kind of way, whether it’s positive or negative, but usually it is the negative headlines which reach the media. One of the hottest topics in recent years is the continual rise in gas and electricity prices, which disgruntle everybody in the UK. So here are some tips on how save yourself money and free up some spare cash in 2011.

For the purpose of this article we are going to be looking at electricity and some smart ways to save money, even with the rise in electric prices. The first and most obvious to most would be to use energy efficient light bulbs as your ceiling lights. The two major benefits of these light bulbs are that they reduce the amount you spend on electricity, with a 20 Watt light bulb saving you around £100 during its lifetime, compared to a standard 100 Watt light bulb. They are energy efficient and are great way to combat global warming, and the UK governments plan to reduce CO2 emissions.

Another way to easily make big cuts on your bills is to remember to turn the lights off whenever they are not being used. Whether it be optional or not, many households opt to leave ceiling lights on in rooms they are not even sitting in, but using these appliances at their maximum capacity will greatly increase your electric bill.

Other ways to save more money on your bills is to time your thermostats so that they are only on when you are in the household. An hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening will be more than sufficient on most occasions, and households are now well insulated as per government requirements, and can contain most of the heat emitted for a number of hours. In summer months you should be able to turn off the thermostat altogether, although you are relying on British weather there.

Another great tip, which is said to save the average household around £40 a year, is to ensure that your television is switched off completely (and not left on standby!). Many make the assumption that turning the TV off with the remote control turns it off, however it only leaves the TV on standby and whilst that is happening, you are slowly draining your household of more money. So ensure that your TV is completely switched off by turning it off at the mains.
Other small and simple steps to save electricity include boiling as much water as you need for a cup of tea (rather than a full kettle), covering your pots and pans whilst cooking, matching the size of the cooking ring to the size of the saucepan, ensuring your fridge door is closed, washing your clothes at 30 degrees and running them with full loads.

They’re quick, they’re simple, and they are the smart way to reduce your electric bill, so make sure your electric bills fall, even if the rates are rising.

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Save yourself some money in 2011 – don’t waste your money!

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