Bathroom Shaver Lights at Sparks, mirror wall lamps with shaver socket

Bathroom Shaver Lights at Sparks, mirror wall lamps with shaver socket; in the picture: Seville Shaver Wall Light, above the mirror bathroom lightIn the bathroom you can have all kinds of useful combinations of fittings, one of which is the wall lamp together with the shaver socket. Why install a shaver socket into the wall when you can have a switched light fitting above the mirror or part of the mirror light? You get both the light fitting and the shaver socket at the same time in the same place.

On our website we have some fittings for bathroom that come with: the bathroom mirror, the wall light, and the shaver socket! They are generally called Bathroom Shaver Lights. Some even have a cabinet incorporated – you get the bathroom cabinet (for the toiletries, pills, etc) with a lighted mirror as its door, with a pull cord switch at the bottom of the cabinet, and you also get a concealed shaver socket on one of the sides.

Many people still prefer the manual style of shaving, with the shaving cream / gel and the shaving blade, with a soothing or icy aftershave… But for those who still use the electrical shaver – whether you or your guests – you can install the stylish Seville Shaver wall light, or the Fuji Mirror Light with a Shaver Socket.

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