Bathroom Mirror De-Steaming solutions, the Thermomirror demister range, heating elements

We have recently updated the website with some more demister / de-steaming solutions for the bathroom mirror. Especially in the bathroom, the mirrors are virtually guaranteed to steam up when we are using bathrooms and showers due to the condensing effect of cold glass. Now there is a clear solution: the Thermomirror de-steaming elements, maintaining a clear bathroom mirror. No more need to wipe mirrors dry because the Thermomirror de-misting solution is a superthin (0.4mm) behind mirror heating element, controlled by the light switch or the PIR movement sensor (can be ordered separately).

Don’t you just hate it when, right after taking a shower or a bath, when you want to prepare for the day, the mirror is all misty and covered in vapors! Also, you may shave or use the bathroom and you need the mirror, but it becomes misty very easily! Of course, you can “wipe it clean” with something, but why not have a de-steamed mirror in the bathroom all the time!?! An innovative solution, very safe to use, the Thermomirror de-steaming elements creates a steam-free mirror in any location, providing clear visibility when you need it most.

The Thermomirror Solution creates a steam-free mirror in any location, providing a clear visibility mirror when you need it most. The new self adhesive backing makes the installation even easier.

Main features of the Thermomirror De-Steaming Solution

To view the entire range of de-steaming solutions or demister pads for the bathroom mirrors, check out the Bathroom Mirrors section on our website. As we specified in the above description if you need different dimensions de-steaming Themomirror elements for your bathroom mirror, please contact us and we can make it available to you.

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  1. A demister is not only pretty practical, but pretty cool! It’s always nice to step out of the shower and see the mirror isn’t clouded over, knowing you won’t have to wait to continue with your grooming process!

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