Applications of Illuma Electrostar and Illuma Electrospot in museums and art galleries

We have previously introduced the Illuma Electrostar spotlights range(Lightweight spotlights for mains 1-circuit track) and the Illuma Electrospot range(track lights for highlighting & general lighting). Below, we have compiled a series of pictures of the applications one can have for these spotlights that can be track-mounted. See more pictures of applications of Illuma Electrospot in museums and applications of Illuma Electrostar in art galleries.

Applications of the Illuma Electrospot Track Spot Lights in Museums

Applications of the Illuma Electrostar Track Spotlights in Art Galleries

If you want to see more applications of the Illuma Lights – check out the Illuma Conceal and Illuma Concepta pictures. Buy online Illuma Electrostar Spotlights and Illuma Electrospot Track Spotlights – at Illuma Track Lights and Spotlights.

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