The antique bronze range from Forbes and Lomax, switches, sockets and dimmers

The Antique bronze range from Forbes and Lomax has a rich warm hue to the plates, making them attracting in both contemporary and traditional interiors. These switches also work particularly well on wood paneling and other unusual surroundings.

The plates all have a slightly variable finish which adds to the distinctive look of the range. Many of the early light switches were made in Antique Bronze and so the finish became very fashionable in the Art Deco period. The Forbes&Lomax Antique Bronze finish is durable and will stand the test of time. Nowadays, original Antique Bronze switch plates can be seen in old buildings, which even today are still looking great(and will do for almost a hundred of hears onwards). All the socket outlets are available and are supplied with black inserts to complement the dark finish of the plates. To find out more about the features and the existing models of this particular finish, read below.

The Forbes and Lomax Antique Bronze finish – formats

  • Forbes and Lomax Dolly switch
  • Forbes & Lomax European sockets
  • Forbes and Lomax Rotary dimmer
  • Forbes & Lomax Dimming system
  • Forbes and Lomax Sockets

Forbes & Lomax Antique Bronze Features and dimensions

  • Single plate: 86 x 86 mm
  • Double plate: 86 x 146 mm
  • Depth of plate: 1.8mm
  • All the switches conform to BS EN 60669/1
  • The 13A sockets conform to BS1363; the 2A and 5A sockets conform to BS546
  • A full range of antique bronze socket outlets are available, including power outlets, telecom and data, audio and visual, fused connections and floor sockets.
  • All the Forbes and Lomax antique bronze switches and sockets require British Standard 35mm deep flush wall boxes.
  • All the Forbes and Lomax antique bronze range must be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Models of switches, sockets, dimmers, etc Forbes and Lomax offers, in the Antique Bronze finish

Forbes and Lomax – the Antique Bronze finish – Antique Bronze button dimmer controller and single 13A socket with black insert.

Forbes & Lomax – the Antique Bronze finish – Antique Bronze dolly switch and rocker switch.

Forbes and Lomax – the Antique Bronze finish – Antique Bronze single 16A French socket with black insert and rotary dimmer.

Forbes & Lomax – the Antique Bronze finish – Antique Bronze dimming system(system 2) with black buttons.

To purchase the Antique Bronze range of switches, sockets and dimmers manufactured by Forbes and Lomax, consult our online catalogue and order the ones you need(read the article introducing all the ranges from Forbes and Lomax). If you do not find one particular model, please contact us/request a quote.


    1. Concerning this range, the manufacturer does not offer an electronic version of these switches, sockets and dimmers, so what you can do is either print the items and the description you find on our website, or simply come and pay us a visit in Archway, N19 5SE, London, and you will see in our showroom a solid collection of Forbes and Lomax antique bronze finished wiring devices.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. All the items in Antique Bronze are online – you can see both pictures and some of the applications. Also, on the blog you can see more pictures and description. At the most what we can do is to send you a pdf file with the finishes that Forbes and Lomax provides. Of course, you can order this finish online – at least to have a sample of how these fittings look like.

  1. Hello Forbes and Lomax,
    I already have six timed light switches(3 mins) on all landings and up flights in my guest house.
    I have just had some magnificent bronze decor completed and want to complement it by replacing the white plastic light switch plates by bronze ones(black inserts)
    Can you supply them? -I would also need two single sockets.
    Looking forward to your reply

  2. We are carrying out a project and the Antique range of switches are specified with black inserts.
    Our Electrical subcontractor has advised us that we cannot fit the switch plates until just before handover as they will get badly finger marked which leaves a permanent stain. Can you advise please.

    1. We have never heard of such a situation with the case of the Antique Bronze range – but for you to have a complete peace of mind, we would recommend you call and ask Forbes and Lomax themselves, and thy can tell you first hand about this. In a normal case, such a situation should not happen, and none of our customers until now have ever complained about this.

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