Aico RadioLINK Relays and Repeater Modules: House-coding and testing done right

This article is part of the guide offered by Aico concerning, How do I test / commission my fire alarms? Yesterday we were talking about the RadioLINK Alarms and bases – doing the house-coding right, previously we were speaking about the Switches and Call Points, and now it’s all about the RadioLINK relays and repeater modules.

When it comes to the Aico RadioLINK connected relays and repeater modules, you need to know how to do the house-coding and how to do the testing (after the coding has been done).

RadioLINK relays / repeater modules – House-Coding

RadioLINK relays / repeater modules - House-Coding

  • Take off the cover and slide the yellow battery switch ‘ON’
  • Refit the cover and use a screwdriver to press the House-Code button
  • The green light will change to red. As soon as it does, remove the screwdriver. Put all other RadioLINK units from House-Code
  • The green light will start to flash red to show it’s looking for other units on the system. Check the number of flashes equals the number of RadioLINK units. For example, 3 units = 3 flashes, 4 units = 4 flashes etc.
  • If the number of flashes is ok it shows they have all House-Coded together. Complete the coding by using a screwdriver to press the House-Code button on the front. As soon as the red light comes on solidly, remove the screwdriver.

RadioLINK relays / repeater modules – Testing the relays

RadioLINK relays / repeater modules - Testing the relays

  • Make sure the mains power to the circuit is on. Check that the green power lights on the alarms and relay are on (if they are off, check circuit breakers, fuses, wiring etc.)
  • Press and hold the test button on the alarm for around 10 seconds
  • Check the relay switches and the devices connected to it are activated (e.g. strobe flashes)

Read more on this topic at, How do I test / Commission my Aico RadioLINK alarms? – via the Aico website, or purchase the Aico Domestic Fire / Smoke / Heat alarms at Sparks Electrical.

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