Aico optical smoke, fire and heat alarm – quality features

Aico offers smoke, heat and fire alarms with an innovative design and quality features, some of which will be illustrated and detailed below. The generic picture / “an inside look” at an alarm is:

1. The Optical Smoke Chamber

Ei’s unique large volume optical smoke chamber and sophisticated electronics have a proven track record of reliability and high efficiency detection. Longevity and resistance to false alarms as well as reliable protection from electromagnetic interference has also been proven over many years.

2. The Insect Screen

Smoke Alarms are sophisticated electronic devices. Protection from external contamination is vital to maintain the fire detecting sensitivity of the product and to minimise false alarms. A fine mesh insect screen reduces false alarms caused by insect contamination and fibres, while allowing free access of smoke to the sensor chamber. A dust cover is also provided for protection on site and prior to occupancy.

3. Test and Hush Button

The test and hush button provides false alarm control on all Easi-fit models. It also provides a manual test function.

4. The Rechargeable Cells

Ultra high performance vanadium pentoxide lithium rechargeable cells are used in the Ei2110 Multi-Sensor, 160RC Series(EI161, EI164, EI166, EI168), 150 Series and RadioLINK bases. These cells offer the best back-up possible and are proven to last a minimum of 10 years.

  • A precision charging circuit ensures peak cell efficiency at all times.
  • Cells provide up to six months back-up without mains power.

5. The Indicating LEDs

Self monitoring and indicating LEDs and audible warning signals. Each alarm self tests every 40 seconds. Two separate LED indicators are used to indicate healthy mains supply, battery fault, alarm status and low cell/battery warning.

6. The Sounder

At 85dB(A) at 3 metres, our alarms are loud. Unique encased horn assembly has the piezo disc securely held with silicone mastic to prevent creepage and premature horn failure. Additionally soldered contacts prevent failures due to corrosion and arcing associated with more commonly used pressure contacts

More features and details:

  • Heat alarms feature a fixed temperature fast response thermistor sensor, making them ideal for protecting kitchens and garages.
  • Computer analysis of smoke flow results in a precision casing design that allows fast access of smoke to the sensor.
  • Ionisation alarms feature a high performance ionisation chamber that responds quickly to flaming fires. Proven in millions of applications.
  • The Ei2110 Multi-Sensor and 160RC Series alarms allow Test, Hush and Fire Locate functions to be performed from an optional control switch mounted at an easily accessible height.
  • Alkaline battery back-up in the 140 Series(EI141, EI144, EI146) designed to last up to 4 years in stand-by.

These info can also be found in the Fire, Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms, and they complement and explain the section of Fire Alarms: Conventional/analogue and Domestic systems. Do you need any more info/have a question? Ask Mr. Sparks – leave us a comment here. To help you in your choice of the domestic fire alarms, we also recommend the Domestic alarm selector, choosing what alarms to fit and where, based on BS 5839-6:2004.

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