Aico Carbon Monoxide alarms – the Ei260 series, the specifier’s first choice; also: interconnection and ancillary products

The Aico Carbon Monoxide alarms, the Aico Ei260 Series are the Specifier’s First Choice Mains Powered Alarms, With 10Yr+ Rechargeable Lithium Cells & Replaceable CO Sensor

The Aico Ei260 Series of Carbon Monoxide alarms are the highest specification units, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of a domestic installation in terms of reliability, longevity and performance. With sealed-in rechargeable cell back-up, a reliable power supply is virtually assured as casual removal of the battery is not possible. With useful and practical features such as the Easi-fit style mounting plate, CO gas quick-test feature and Remote Control functionality, installation, testing and control has never been easier!

Read more about the Aico Ei261ENRC, Aico Ei261DENRC, their interconnection, and the ancillary products.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Aico Ei261ENRC

  • Mains with 10Yr+ rechargeable lithium cell back-up
  • Remote Control functionality
  • Electrochemical CO sensor module, 5-6 year life
  • Sensor is replaceable to double product life
  • Kitemarked to BS EN 50291: 2001
  • Automatic self diagnostics
  • Easy to use test/hush button
  • Distinctive alarm sound is easily distinguishable from a smoke/heat alarm
  • Pre-alarm warning – alarm LED will flash if CO level is rising
  • Interconnect feature – for use with other Ei260 series alarms and Ei128RBU relay module with Ei128COV cover
  • Quick CO gas test feature – essential when testing with CO gas canisters
  • LED indicators give accurate information on power, CO level and fault status conditions
  • Full technical specification sheet available on request(contact us)
  • 5 year guarantee on the complete unit and sensor module

Aico Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Aico Ei261DENRC

  • The same high performance features as the Ei261ENRC model with the added feature of a built-in easy to read digital display
  • Displays the current CO level in ppm (parts per million)
  • Operating the test button will also activate the memory feature and the digital display will show the previous maximum CO level sensed
  • Full technical specification sheet available on request(contact us).

Why Rechargeable Vanadium Pentoxide Lithium Cells?

The 10Yr+ rechargeable lithium back-up used in the Aico Ei260 series alarms provides the highest performance and most reliable back-up coverage. The precision charging circuit ensures peak efficiency as the cells are constantly ‘topped-up’ from the mains. Laser welded terminals further enhance reliability. They outperform the alkaline and lithium primary batteries currently used in other alarms.
In addition, they are the only cells with a realistic 10 year life expectancy – confirmed by the manufacturer, Panasonic.

Interconnect & Remote Control Feature

Models Ei261ENRC & Ei261DENRC

The Problem
Audibility throughout the home is a priority, as a situation could arise where a CO alarm is installed in a downstairs kitchen, which has a fossil fuel burning appliance within it, and the alarm signal may not be heard in the upstairs bedrooms or indeed other rooms.

The Solution!
Use the interconnect feature on the Aico Ei261ENRC/Ei261DENRC to connect to your existing Ei160RC smoke/heat alarm installation. Then, you must introduce an Ei1529RC Alarm Control Switch to provide control over the whole system.
The interconnect feature allows the CO alarm to trigger all Ei160RC mains smoke/heat alarms installed and vice-versa – giving increased audibility in either a CO or fire situation. If all alarms are sounding, pressing ‘Locate’ on the Aico Ei1529RC Alarm Control Switch will silence all the alarms except the alarm sensing a CO or fire situation. This gives control over the system and allows occupants to select the safest action and/or escape route.
Additionally, if found to be a false alarm, simply press ‘Hush’ on the Control Switch to silence the alarm. The entire alarm system can also be tested regularly by pressing the ‘Test’ switch(see the diagram below).

Ancillary Options For the Aico Ei260 Series

Ei128RBU Relay
  • Internal 5 Amp relay with Volt-free ‘clean’ contacts
  • Contacts rated to 240V AC
  • Mains operated
  • 10yr+ rechargeable cell back-up
  • For use with Ei128COV cover to enable remote siting
  • Switchable pulse or continuous output options
  • Battery back-up allows contacts to switch even if mains power supply fails
  • For use with Ei260 Series alarms only
SAB300 Strobe
  • Xenon beacon
  • Mains operated
  • 3W Xenon tube, 0.9Hz flash rate
  • For connection through an Ei128RBU relay
  • Available with clear (‘C’) or red (‘R’) lens (add suffix to product code)
  • Integral mounting base
GSV415SA Gas Solenoid Valve
  • Mains operated
  • For connection through an Ei128RBU relay
  • Closes internal valve when mains is applied
  • Push button reset
  • 1/2 “ internal parallel pipe thread to ISO7-1
Aico Ei261MEN & Ei261M Replacement Sensor Module
  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Doubles life cycle of the product
  • ‘Ei261MEN’ to suit models Ei261ENRC/Ei261DENRC/Ei261DEN/Ei261EN
  • ‘Ei261M’ to suit models Ei261D/Ei261
Ei1529RC Alarm Control Switch
  • Wall mounted
  • Supplied with surface box, can be flush mounted using a standard 35mm deep electrical socket box.
  • Can be fitted anywhere in the system
  • For use when interconnecting Ei160RC smoke/heat alarms with Ei260 Series CO alarms
  • Allows Alarm Test, Hush, Locate and Mains Check functions

Don’t forget: the Carbon Monoxide Alarms can be found at the Fire and SecurityDomestic Fire Alarms, and for more info consult the CO alarms from Aico page, the Innovative design/main features of the CO alarms, or the CO alarms explained. These advices from Aico can also be found online here.

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