Aico Carbon Monoxide Alarms – innovative design, and some practical features

From Aico, Fire / Smoke / Heat /CO alarms manufacturer for the domestic use: Innovative Design And Practical Features – Some of the Key Features of the Aico Ei Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

1. Complete Visual Information

Three separate indicating LED’s provide visual information: healthy mains supply, CO level sensed/alarm status, and if a fault is detected during the unit’s integral self-test.
The alarm LED varies its rate of flash depending upon the CO level sensed – giving further information on any dangerous levels of CO. Operating the test button will also activate the memory feature and the LED will indicate the previous maximum CO level sensed. In the picture on the right: the Aico Ei261DEN model with easy to read digital display is available.

2. Kite marked to BS EN 50291:2001

All Aico Ei Carbon Monoxide alarms carry the British Standards Institute Kite mark to indicate that they have been 3rd party tested, by BSI, to BS EN 50291:2001. This replaces the previous BS 7860:1996 and is a more demanding standard. The main change to the standard is a lowering to the CO triggering levels combined with new time/response limits to protect more vulnerable people groups and alleviate false alarms.

3. Rechargeable Lithium Cells used in Ei261EN & Ei261DEN Models

High performance rechargeable vanadium pentoxide lithium cells are used in the Aico Ei261EN & Aico Ei261DEN alarms and offer the most effective and reliable back-up power, giving a true 10Yr+ life.

As the cells are rechargeable, they obviate the need for battery replacement – saving both time and money. Also, due to them being an integral part of the internal circuitry, any possible casual removal is prevented.

4. Easi-fit Mounting Plate (Ei261EN & Ei261DEN)

The Easi-fit mounting plate included with Ei260 series alarms has a built-in connector block with large, clearly marked ‘Easi-see, Easi-connect’ wiring connections to make wiring as simple as possible. Due to the unique design, no extra pattress or mounting box is required, saving valuable time and money.

5. Replaceable CO Sensor (Ei261EN & Ei261DEN)

33% cost saving over the life cycle of comparable products

All CO sensors have a limited life of 5/6 years. But, the unique replaceable sensor module on the Aico Ei261EN & Aico Ei261DEN alarms doubles the life cycle of the product. This simple to carry out process gives a significant cost saving and eliminates any inconvenience in time spent changing the entire unit.

Proven Electrochemical Cell Sensor coupled with sophisticated electronics provides high quality detection and reliability. Calibrated in CO gas during manufacture, accuracy is assured.

6. Reliable, Proven Sounder

Giving an output of 85dB(A) at 3m, the alarm signal is loud. The piezo disc sounder element is securely held with silicone mastic to prevent creepage and premature failure. Soldered contacts on the disc further improve reliability when compared to more commonly used pressure contacts, which can be prone to failure due to corrosion and arcing.

7. Quick Test Feature (All Models)

Operating the Test button activates the quick CO gas test feature. The unit will then sample for CO 4 seconds later and give an audible and visual warning if CO is sensed – saving time and money particularly when testing units in a large number of properties.

8. Memory Feature (All Models)

The Test/Hush button provides a quick, easy means of both testing the alarm and controlling any false alarms. Operating the Test button also activates the alarm level memory feature. The last recorded CO level will be shown – through Alarm LED flash rate or digital display (Aico Ei261DEN only).

More features – product specifications(compare Aico Ei261DEN with Aico Ei261EN and Aico Ei225EN and AIco Ei295ENA)

Sensor Replacement

Insert a screwdriver into the removal slot – releasing the tamper- resistant clip – and slide the alarm off. The cable cover ensures that the mains cables are not exposed

Sensor Replacement
Slide the alarm off the mounting plate and pull out the sensor module using the exterior tab.
Then simply push the new sensor module in and slide the alarm back on the mounting plate.

Buy online Aico CO alarms – at the Domestic Fire Alarms section, the Aico Carbon Monoxide alarms. These features presented here can also be found on the manufacturer’s page here. Read more articles about the Fire alarms here, or consult our website –

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