A Best-Selling Airflow fan, the Roomvent WFT bathroom extractor fan, 100MM Centrifugal Fan, Airflow 71616501

Though NOT YET introduced by us on the blog(and we say NOT YET because this top-selling extractor fan from Airflow has been in our offer since forever!), the Airflow Roomvent WFT is one of the best-selling extractor fans from Airflow! One of the main features for which everyone loves it is the fact that the Roomvent WFT is a higher performance centrifugal fan for larger bathrooms, utility rooms and lobby areas. Even more – the Airflow Roomvent WFT can be used for efficient ventilation in two rooms(for example a bathroom and the adjoining WC) by connecting the unit to a 50mm ducting with an optional secondary inlet grille (sold separate).

A 100mm Loovent Fan which is highly reliable and powerful centrifugal fan in a modular design for ease of installation and maintenance – the Roomvent WFT from Airflow. This range of fans offers a comprehensive choice of accessories and control, using a plug-in modular system, whilst ensuring efficient ventilation from the centrifugal fan, which can be used with 100mm ducting.
Roomvent WFT Applications:
For toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms where there is no natural, or inadequate ventilation.

Remember: A healthy indoor environment is an important contributing factor to the wellbeing of both a building and its occupants. Ventilation with fresh air is the most effective means of avoiding problems such as condensation, mould and allergies. The Roomvent range comprises a selection of high performance fans for higher performance ventilation.

Airflow Roomvent WFT Features

  • Powerful centrifugal fans for use with ducting;
  • Can be surface mounted or recessed into wall/ceiling using bezel supplied;
  • The 01 and 02/2S models carry TÜV approval;
  • Model number / manufacturer’s part number: Airflow 71616501;
  • 220-240 Volt 1PH, 50Hz, consumption 50 Watts;
  • This model is the WFT 01 – Integral adjustable timer, for light or door switch operation;
  • Integral magnetic backdraft flap;
  • The motor, fan and plug-in timer are on a separate chassis for easy installation;
  • Easy to fit, air brick size case;
  • 3 Year “no quibble” guarantee;
  • Wall/Ceiling mounted extractor fan;
  • Extractor fan capacity: 48 l/sec, 173m³/hr extract performance;
  • Thermally protected motor Complies with Building Regulations 2006;
  • Complies with Building Regulations (F1-1995).;
  • Fixing pack supplied plus a range of optional ventilation accessories;
  • Buy online the Airflow 71616501 extractor fan – the best selling Roomvent WFT at SparksDirect.

Note: the Airflow 71616501 / Roomvent WFT extractor fan is suitable for efficient ventilation of two rooms, for example bathroom and adjoining W.C. by connecting the unit to a 50mm ducting with an optional secondary inlet grille (sold separate). They are the ideal solution for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from larger rooms.

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